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Used Steel Guitars

Carter Starter 3X4 Pedal Steel Guitar w/Carry Bag Very Good Cond!


Carter SD-10 Pedal steel Guitar


Carter Starter 3X4 Pedal Steel Guitar Very Good Cond!


Mullen Pedal Steel Guitar - Discovery 


Bronson Lap steel guitar 6 strg w/original case Rickenbacker G Cond Horseshoe PU


GFI SM10 3X3 Pedal Steel Guitar w/Hard Case Very Good Cond!


GFI S10 3X2 Pedal Steel Guitar w/ Hard Case Looks Good Read Description


Iseman Custom Weissenborn | Koa Lap Steel Guitar | Hawaii


Mullen Discovery 3X5 Pedal Steel Guitar with Case Excellent Cond!


Fesenden D10 8X5 Pedal Steel Guitar w/Case Very Good Cond!


Russler Pedal Steel Guitar


Vintage Marlen Steel Lap Guitar 8 String 5 Pedal Case Stand Complete With Slide


Sho Bud Professional D10 Pedal Steel Guitar w/Case Good Cond!


Sho Bud Maple 3X1 Pedal Steel Guitar with Case Very Good Cond!


Magnatone Vintage Lap Steel Guitar


Rogue RLS-1 Lap Steel Guitar with Stand (ISSUE)


Sho Bud D8 Console NON Pedal Steel Guitar Priced to sell.


Excel D8 Console Steel Guitar Jerry Byrd edition. Priced to sell


Vertex Effects Steel String Clean Drive Guitar Effect Pedal


Vintage 1960's Supro Lap Steel Guitar - Red


Vintage 1950's Rickenbacker D-16 Double Neck 8 String Lap Steel Slide Guitar


GFI Ultra Keyless 4X5 SD10 Pedal Steel Guitar w/Case Very Good Cond.


GFI Ultra Keyless 4X5 S10 Pedal Steel Guitar w/Case Very Good Cond.


Lap Steel Guitar ~ Johnson JLS-20-BRM? ~ USED


Rickenbacker model G Deluxe series gold and chrome lap steel guitar


Fender Stringmaster D-8 8-String Lap Steel Guitar Double Neck 4 Leg Sunburst


Vintage Oahu Islander tweed amp & matching lap-steel guitar. Gorgeous. Original.


Williams Keyless 3X5 S10 with Pad Pedal Steel Guitar w/Case Very Good Cond! 2006




1971 Rickenbacker Lap Steel Guitar


1960's Lap Steel Electric Guitar Bruce Kulick Kiss #34433


1970’s MSA Classic D10 E9 and C6 Pedal Steel Guitar with Case Very Good Cond!


Gretsch Guitars Electromatic Lap Steel Guitar Black Sparkle LN


Musikraft Stratocaster Guitar Neck Quartersawn Maple Stainless Steel Frets


Vintage Supro Early 60's Jet Airliner 8-String Lap Steel Guitar W/Case (Nice!)


Danville Lap Steel Electric Guitar


Vintage 1950's Vega Commander Lap Steel Guitar 6 String, REFINISHED W/ case


 Rebuilt Lap steel Guitar


LR Baggs Anthem~Steel String Acoustic Guitar Pickup Mic & Preamp~Free Shipping~


Rogue Lap Steel Guitar RLS1MBL with Bag


1952 Fender Deluxe 6 Lap Steel Guitar and Case


Vintage Fender 6-String Lap Steel Guitar


Kiesel Lap Steel Guitar Vintage 1940's